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Extended Reality and Business Analytics programs record an uptick in demand by 120% and 91% respectively

The program is driven by the demand among 27-year-old professionals

Women comprise 30% of the Data Science cohorts

Hero Vired, Indias premium LearnTech company for professionals and higher education aspirants, has witnessed a remarkable 120% year-over-year growth in FY 23-24 in its Extended Reality program. This surge reflects the increase in demand for skilling opportunities by professionals in the booming XR industry. Upholding this positive momentum, the Gaming program has also witnessed steady growth since its inception, indicating the growing interest in immersive technologies. Hero Vired also observed that both the programs are preferred by freshers in particular with an aim to break into innovative and non-traditional career paths.

The demographic breakdown highlights an unexpected shift in the gaming & XR programs. While the two fields have traditionally been male-dominated, the last two batches have witnessed a 10% increase in female enrollment. The trend underscores the developing interest and acceptance of women in the emerging technology domains. The surge in demand for these programs is driven by the rising need for upskilling among professionals in the average learner age of 27 years, indicating the need for young professionals to acquire cutting-edge skills to remain competitive in a dynamic job market.

Akshay Munjal, Founder and CEO, Hero Vired

Commenting on the growth in demand for the programs, Akshay Munjal, Founder and CEO, Hero Vired, said, “As India takes a leap forward in emerging technologies, with the AI market poised to hit $8 billion by 2025, we are thrilled by the enthusiasm for our Future Tech programs. This robust demand reflects the urgent need for next-generation skills in dynamic fields like gaming, esports, extended reality, and data analytics. At Hero Vired, were passionate about empowering young learners, equipping them with cutting-edge skills to excel and lead in these rapidly evolving industries.”

Subsequently, a substantial 91% rise has been witnessed in the Business Analytics program, showcasing the importance of data-driven decision-making as a critical skill in today’s business landscape. The program has seen a rise in enrollments from learners with an average age of 31 years, with females comprising 30% of the cohort. This change demonstrates the trend of mid-level professionals seeking to enhance their skill sets with a gradual shift toward gender diversity.

In the landscape of growing demand for emerging tech skills, Hero Vireds commitment to shaping the future of tech professionals with industry-aligned education remains unwavering. Positioned at the forefront, Hero Vired continues to provide innovative and industry-aligned education, shaping the next generation of tech leaders and professionals.

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