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The Gautam Buddha University (GBU), Greater Noida, supported by Chartwells – Compass Group India is proud to announce its esteemed recognition of the Eat Right Campus (ERC) Certification by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). The Eat Right Campus initiative led by FSSAI aims to promote safe, healthy, and sustainable food in campuses across the country with the objective to improve the health of people and the planet.

Prof. Ravindra Kumar Sinha, Vice – Chancellor, Gautam Buddha University and Mr. Ashwani Vohra, CEO – Food Services, Compass Group India

This achievement signifies GBU’s commitment to providing safe, nutritious, and high-quality meals to its students and staff, significantly impacting their well-being.

Chartwells by Compass Group India, GBU’s food service partner, played a pivotal role in securing the ERC certification. The group’s expertise in implementing robust food safety measures, curating balanced and nutritious menus, and ensuring the highest standards of hygiene in food preparation and service proved instrumental in this success.

Mr. Vikas Chawla, Managing Director at Compass Group India, expressed his enthusiasm about the achievement and stated, “Right from high-quality sourcing to health, safety, environment and quality processes (HSEQ) across the value chain to meticulous staff training, balanced menu planning, and technology-driven interventions, we follow global best practices. The prestigious ERC certification is a validation of that commitment.

Commenting on the achievement, Mr. Ashwani Vohra, CEO – Food Services, Compass Group India, said, “We are deeply passionate about nourishing young minds and supporting the well-being of the entire academic community by providing fresh and high-quality meals. Receiving the prestigious ERC certification reaffirms our dedication to excellence in providing safe, nutritious, and balanced meals. Our cherished partnership with Gautam Buddha University in their journey towards achieving the Eat Right Campus Certification reflects our shared dedication to prioritising the health and wellness of all stakeholders. It is a very proud moment for all of us.”

The ERC certification programme acknowledges educational institutions that prioritise food safety, hygiene, and offers a food solution focussed on the holistic development of their student community. GBU, renowned for its academic excellence, reinforces its dedication by working hand-in-hand with Chartwells to implement robust food safety protocols, ensuring all meals served adhere to the highest FSSAI standards.

Prof. Ravindra Kumar Sinha , Vice – Chancellor, Gautam Buddha University stated, “At Gautam Buddha University, we strongly believe that providing nutritious meals is fundamental to supporting their academic journey, physical and mental health and the overall campus experience. Earning the Eat Right Campus Certification is a significant step towards nurturing our students’ holistic well-being. We appreciate the dedicated efforts of Chartwells in achieving this milestone together. This distinguished recognition motivates us to continuously improve and offer a vibrant campus environment that prioritises both intellectual and physical nourishment.We are committed to continually improving the campus experience and ensuring the safety of our students. We eagerly await students from all corners of India to join us in this educational revolution.”

Understanding the crucial role nutrition plays in student health and academic performance, Chartwells curates balanced, and nutritious meal plans that cater to the diverse dietary needs of students. A robust supply chain that focuses on high quality, seasonal and regional supplies, technology intervention to ensure adherence to HSEQ best practices and processes, and continued investment in talent development play a crucial role in achieving this milestone.

GBU and Chartwells are dedicated to maintaining the highest levels of cleanliness and safety throughout the entire food preparation, serving process and through state-of-the-art kitchen facilities.

Together, GBU and Chartwells set a benchmark for creating a culture of health and wellness on campus. The ERC Certification serves as a key milestone in their shared journey towards providing a safe, secure, and nourishing dining experience for the entire university community.

About Chartwells and Compass Group India

Chartwells is a leading provider of food services in the education sector globally. Chartwells by Compass Group India offers innovative, nutritious dining solutions for educational institutions, ranging from K-12 schools to colleges and universities.

Compass Group India is a subsidiary of Compass Group PLC, the world’s leading provider of contract food and support services with a presence in 35 countries. Compass Group India has been servicing the Indian Workplace, Education and Healthcare market needs since 2008. It operates in 450+ client locations across India. Our sector-focused businesses give our clients access to unrivalled experience, global best practices, and market-leading innovations. Compass Group India has won awards such as the Most Admired Food Innovation of the Year Award for workplace food concepts at the India Food Forum Award, across all retail & food service categories and the Coca Cola Golden Spoon Award for FoodBook, for engagement and food ordering platform. It was also recognised as one of ‘The Economic Times Best Brands 2020’ on the parameters of innovation, trust, and uniqueness. Compass Group India endeavours to continue to innovate and design relevant concepts to nourish and aid the transition to better food habits and choices every day.

At its core, the purpose of this solution developed by Compass Group India is to transform the University caf experience for students in India and help create lifelong healthy eaters. It is not just about changing the University food (menu) but also about positively influencing the very relationship students have with food and how students can become change agents for a healthier and sustainable planet.

About Gautam Buddha University

Gautam Buddha University, established by the Uttar Pradesh Act (9) of 2002, commenced its first academic session at its 511 acres lush green campus at Greater Noida in August 2008. The University is fully funded by the New Okhla Industrial Development Authority (NOIDA) and the Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA), the undertakings of the Government of Uttar Pradesh. The University is recognized by the University Grants Commission under UGC Act and is a member of the Association of Indian Universities.

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