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Bengaluru based healthcare startup, Even has launched its AI health chatbot, Even Steven that offers verified health advice on any topic a user can think of. Positioned as a healthcare companion, Even Steven can offer health advice, read and analyse medical reports, design an exercise or diet plan based on your medical history, tell you the nutritional value of a food by sharing a picture and much more.

Even Steven can answer all of your health questions

Even Steven is currently free to use for anyone who uses Whatsapp. It can be accessed on wa.me/+918971196705

“We think AI can play a unique role in giving everyone access to the best health advice in an affordable and convenient way. That is one of our core objectives at Even and with this chatbot we are taking a significant first step in this direction. Of course AI and LLMs in the medical domain still have limitations and the right guardrails need to be in place, that is why the answers provided by our chatbot are vetted by experienced doctors, but we also think it is necessary to find effective ways to empower doctors to engage patients and stay on top of their progress. We think AI has great potential especially when it comes to managing patients care in a continuous and personalised way,” says Alessandro Ialonge, Even’s Co-founder and CTO.

Even Steven is free to use for all WhatsApp users

Even focuses heavily on primary care including 24×7 access to experienced doctors who can offer reliable medical advice to control symptoms, reach a health goal, or manage lifelong chronic conditions such as Diabetes.

Our members love our doctors who can offer trusted and reliable medical advice that is rooted in experience and evidence from around the world. It then made sense to us to scale that with the power of AI so that even the general public can have a single source of information rather than scrolling through thousands of videos by non-experts creating misleading medical content for views and likes,” says Mati Giglio, Co-founder and COO at Even.

Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) found that nearly one-third of the top health-related articles shared on social media contained misinformation. Moreover, a study in the Journal of Health Communication found that individuals frequently exposed to health information online often experience information overload, leading to confusion and difficulty in making informed health decisions.

Beta users particularly like the fact that it makes small healthcare decisions very easily.

Karan Issar, an early user says “I didn’t expect much out of Even Steven, given there are so many AI bots out there. But I was pleasantly surprised. It tracked my macros correctly. I just had to share a picture. It read my reports correctly. I had already shown them to my doctor first to cross-check. I am trying to get into an exercise routine and it made a simple to follow plan. It remembered my medical condition (through reports shared) and helped me avoid certain foods too. I am hooked.”

Patients today are more informed and often do their research before consulting a doctor. However, they sometimes come across unverified information on social media. Its important to guide them towards reliable sources. Steven empowers patients for better consultations,” says Dr. Binita Priyambada, Even’s Medical Director.

Even clarifies that Steven is not a replacement to doctors but a safer alternative to internet searches about medical information.

Even is a leading pan-India healthcare provider that offers members unlimited online access to its doctors and specialists, cashless tests and scans at Even clinics and partner facilities across India plus an option to add an insurance cover of up to 1 crore for cashless hospitalisation.

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